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One can be stifled and intimidated by the magnanimous mind and never feel accomplished enough to express oneself.

That is the design of the masters of the glass bead game who at the pinnacle of their narcissism are found hanging another piece of paper on the wall to award their accomplishment.

I do not disrespect certification but only dream of a world where the paper you hang on your wall did not equate to a right to life or opportunity. I only dream to be free from corruption, nepotism, and the clandestine passage of rights granted to the privileged.

There are critics on every corner to criticise your grammar and completely miss the point. Critics are as numerous as roaches in garbage.

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Sunday, January 8, 2012

Your Garden

I am enjoying your garden and it causes me verse because I have not one of my own.

Don’t you know that the best we can be is the labor of our own hand and this is lost?

True knowledge of the cultivar and the seed that springs forth is relegated to the dead.

I do not think it is intentional, this dumbing down of our species.

Our children have been coddled away through laziness and shiny toys.

They built the coliseum for gladiator games on the bones of ignorance.

I herald your garden and planting of seed and the treasure of the knowledge it expounds.

Simple times, simple people is not condescension, it is lament.

Let us be thankful that we knew them, these simple times, these simple people and me.


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